Posted by: Scott | August 5, 2012

Been a while, eh?

More than a year to be precise. When I last posted, I’d happily returned back home to my Carolina home after a year stint in Saskatoon. I figured my adventure to the Great White North was over, and I’d come back to enjoy the same southern hospitality I had for much of the prior six years.

Life, however, had other plans. Less than a year later, the return to my old job ended abruptly. The economy being what it was down in Carolina, I found a wonderful job once again north of the border.

Yup. You guessed it. Saskatoon. Again.

Well, the job has been all I could’ve asked for, and this second stay feels more like home with each passing day. Funny how life works, eh?

My writing, as you can imagine, got put on the back burner while my family and I moved 2200 miles northwest. Usually a pretty prolific writer, I’ve haven’t done much recently.

I finished Along For The Ride. Now it’s being critiqued by the best critique partners a writer coud have. I’ve started a new one about an New Yorker with Incan heritage who is brought back 600 years to save a hidden city from Pizarro and the Spaniards. And I’ve continued writing one about an Apache woman whose life is pulled from the brink by a Santa Fe art gallery owner.

Anyway, I promise to try harder at blogging regularly in the future. But as I’ve learned the hard way, life may have other ideas. Stay tuned …



  1. well I, for one, am glad you’re back, with family et al.
    Saskatoon is happy to have you 🙂

    • Thanks. I feel like I’m back home. 🙂

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