My Stories

My stories fall into two categories: adventures experienced and adventures in progress.

Adventures Experienced

Down Under Downeast

An Australian veterinarian takes over an island practice off the coast of Maine, finding suitors easier to come by than a clean break from her psychic past.

Laila’s Ghost

A computer memory stick and a dire warning transform an Iranian woman from a recent university graduate into an unwitting spy hunted by her homeland. But exile in Canada offers hope in the arms of an Ottawa chef.

More Than Meets The Eye

A former Mossad agent leaves Tel Aviv for a fresh start and normal life in Phoenix. However, adjusting to a new love, a new career and a new country aren’t without their own risks.

Quite The Catch

When a Columbian woman escapes an cartel’s attempt on her family’s lives, she has amnesia, half a bathing suit, and the Alabama doctor who rescued her from the sea.

Adventures In Progress

Along For The Ride

A recently retired adult film star is used to attracting attention. Just not from her ex, the IRS and Immigration, all at the same time. Not to mention the long haul trucker with whom she flees Los Angeles.

On The Edge

A young Apache woman and a Santa Fe photographer unexpectedly cross paths on a northern New Mexico mesa just in time.

The Dancer

A young Latina searches cross country for her birth family and finds something else first – an opportunity to pursue her dreams.



  1. I can’t wait for a chance to read all of them, your synopsis of each story is intriguing and informative leaving the mind to wander.
    Bravo on the beginning of your collection under “one roof”! I look forward to watching your progress!
    Your fan,

    • Thanks! Hopefully it’s the start of something big. 🙂

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